Unmanned Logistic Vehicles
Transportation/delivery of goods is a major and common task in logistics, which is currently performed by various logistics vehicles controlled by human drivers. With acute shortage of human drivers, such vehicles will need to be driven autonomously in the future. Compared to on-road vehicles, logistics vehicles move slower but much more accurately in order to interface with other facilities. They usually carry heavy payload so that the dynamics leads to greater challenges in the self-driving control. This program aims at developing novel technologies for autonomous driving of a variety of logistics vehicles (robots) carrying heavy payload. We will develop fully intelligent, autonomous and unmanned logistics systems, such as unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles with heavy load capacity. The unmanned system is composed of a sensing and perception sub-system using computer vision, LiDAR, IMU, etc., an automatic control system with advanced control algorithms, as well as an intelligent mission management and motion planning (navigation) system.
Self-Driving Logistics Vehicles
Making unmanned industrial land vehicles possible by a comprehensive, compact, LiDAR-led SLAM framework.
High Performance Quadruped Robots
Breakthrough in the lightweight logistics quadruped robot with high motion simulation, enhanced power density actuator and optimized structural topology.
High Performance Quadruped Robots Demo
Indoor Service Robots
Introducing the State-of-the-Art indoor service robot, for creating a futuristic workplace, achieving home automation, and paving the way to Smart Cities.
Indoor Service Robots Demo
UAVs for Building Inspection and Monitoring
Reforming building inspection with AI and drone technologies. More secure, efficient and convenient.