Smart Manipulation Robots
With the rapid advancement in logistics and E-commerce, demands for fully automated logistics solutions are increasing. Automatic grasping and manipulation are of the most prominent processes influencing logistics efficiency, where rapid visual detection, robust grasping, and tackling of variable objects are the main complexities. The manipulation challenge serves as a motivation to focus research and development efforts on a specific robotic manipulation problem. To this end, our approach is threefold: safe and dexterous smart end-effectors, AI based visual and haptic perception algorithms, and hardware-agnostic smart grasping platform. We are looking forward to our solutions to solve the shortage of manpower, enhance system throughput, and increase system efficiency of logistics industry.
Soft Robotic Hands
Soft robotic hands series can firmly and safely pick objects of versatile shapes, different textures, and weighing up to 10 kg while remaining the hand in lightweight, easily deployed, and cost-effective.
Soft Robotic Hands Demo
Smart Grasping Platform
Replacing manual labor to perform grasping, palletizing and packing in logistics robotics with enhanced efficiency and dexterity.